How to stop Windows 10 update: the smart guide

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Dear experts, good day to you!

Please tell me how to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10? I used Windows 7 before and it was easy to disable updates there, but here it is not!

I have limited traffic and Windows 10 keeps on downloading gigabytes of updates… but this is not the main problem! When all the updates are downloaded and installed, Windows 10 restarts on its own without asking for permission!
asked Apr 26, 2016 in Computers by Harry Kis

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Good day to you!
Just like you, after installing Windows 10 I have been unhappily surprised with the fact that there was no way to turn off automatic updates in this system. For Pro (Professional) version users there is a button “Delay update”, but it provides no guarantees and updates keep on downloading and installing, however there are fewer of them.
After carrying out a small research I’ve chosen three working methods of disabling Windows 10 updates, which I will share with you further.

Disabling Windows 10 Update: 

This is the easiest and universally applicable method that works on any of Windows 10 versions.

1. On the desktop, press “Windows” and “R” buttons simultaneously, “Windows” key looks something like this:

The Windows button: how to stop update

2. “Run” dialog window will appear, type “services.msc” into it and press “ОК”:

Stop Windows 10 update: open Services

3. Find “Windows Update” on Windows Services list, usually it is located at the very end of it:

Stop the Windows update service

Choose this line (double click the left mouse button).

4. In “Properties” window you need to set “Disabled” for “Startup type”, press “Apply” button, click “Stop” button and then “OK” as the picture shows:

How to stop Windows 10 update - slides (1)

That’s it, Windows 10 Update is disabled and updates will no more be downloaded and installed automatically. If you want to turn automatic updates on, repeat the above mentioned actions, but choose “Startup type” = “Automatically” and then click “Start”.

Stopping Windows 10 updates, using Wi-Fi settings:

It sounds a bit odd, however, this is an ideal method for those who connect to the Internet, using Wi-Fi network. Windows 10 enables to set Wi-Fi network as limited (metered) connection, then the system won’t download updates, using such a network. Only Microsoft experts know, why there are no similar settings for a common wire connection, there can be no logical explanation of it. Well, let’s get down:

1. Press “Start” button, choose “Settings” line. In settings, open “Network and Internet” section and move to “Wi-Fi” tab:

Stop Windows 10 updates via Wi-Fi settings (slide one)
We need “Advanced options” subsection, it is located below the list of available Wi-Fi networks, as shown on the picture above.

2. The second line will be “Metered connection”, turn it on:

Turn on "Metered connection" to stop Windows 10 updates

That’s all, from now on Windows 10 will download and install no updates as long as you are connected to this Wi-Fi network. If you change a Wi-Fi network, you will need to repeat the settings for a new network.

Disabling Windows 10 updates, using third-party programs:

I mention this method only to warn you against using it. Nowadays, you can find numerous programs on the Internet, promising to disable Windows 10 updates and additionally carry out plenty of useful actions. Be careful while downloading and using such programs, many of them contain viruses and other scumware. Why taking risk if there are other safe methods? 

If you still have any questions left or need some details - please, ask a question!


answered Apr 26, 2016 by Expert Larry (2,000 points)

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