How to reset Windows 10 PC - Smart guide

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Answering this question, I will give a detailed instruction on how to reset your computer. This is one of the ways to recover Windows 10.
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Resetting your computer – is one of the ways to recover damaged Windows 10. It is a relatively new method, which appeared only in Windows versions starting from the eighth, but have already proven to be extremely effective. This method can be used if you’ve failed to recover the system normal performance, using restore points (the article: Windows 10 restore points: Smart guide).

Reset the computer (instruction):

Before you start...

There are 2 options to recover your computer: with saving your personal files and without it.
the Windows 10 reset options

If you select “Keep my files” when recovering the system, user accounts and all personal files in folders “Documents”, “Downloads”, “Images” and others will be saved. 
If you click “Remove everything”, then a complete, “clean” Windows 10 system reinstallation will be carried out with no installation disk needed.

Recovery instruction (if the computer starts):

1.    Click “Start” button, select “Settings” from the menu, type “Reset” in the top right search box and click the first appeared point “Reset this PC”:

"Reset this PC" in menu

2.    In the new window, click “Get started”:

Running "Reset this PC"
After that, you will be offered to choose whether you want to keep the personal files or remove everything, I’ve told you about it in the beginning of the article.

3.    If you’ve chosen “Keep my files” you will see a window, warning you that all the applications will be deleted. If you’ve selected “Remove everything” you will be given the following choice:

Choose reset options
If you recover the computer for your own use – then, choose the first option. But if you are going to sell it or pass to other people – the second option is your choice.

4.    Now you will see the final window, containing all the preferred recovery settings. After you press “Reset” button, there will be no chance to refuse:

Ready to reset this PC

5.    The windows resetting process will be carried out automatically, wait till it’s over:

Resetting PC in the process

Resetting PC in the process

After restarting, you’ll get the recovered initial Windows 10 operating system.

Recovery instruction (if the computer fails to start):

If there are no chances to start your computer, you can reset your computer anyway. To do this, restart your computer, using power button for 2-3 times (hold power button until the computer turns off, then turn it on with the same button). As the result, you will see “Windows recovery environment” window, choose “Troubleshoot”:

Use the advanced boot options to run reset PC

Then select “Reset your PC”:

Then select “Reset your PC”

The rest steps are completely identical to the ones in the basic instruction, go to the beginning of it and move on.

What to do, if resetting the computer was of no use

Take it easy, there is nothing to worry about. Windows 10 involves other system recovery options, see details in our article: Windows 10 recovery: the All-in-one guide.

If you have any questions left or need some details – I’m always at your disposal! Ask a question or give your feedback!

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